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Introducing Kate & Spiritual Care

Let me introduce you to the Art of Sacred Witness:

Do you seek more joy and fulfillment in your life?

Do you want to know and accept yourself more completely?

Can you benefit from compassionate support as you navigate a specific challenge?

The Art of Sacred Witness is rooted in compassion, integrity, and commitment to community.

These are qualities that I carry into my work as a spiritual caregiver. My approach to spiritual care

specifically embraces awareness, self-compassion, and positive embodiment.

You might be asking: What is spiritual care?

Spiritual care attends to our inner reality, the part of us that defines our purpose, creates meaning, and forges connection. Our spirituality involves the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what’s important to us. As spiritual beings, we are faced with challenges that can aid in our growth and transformation. We are given real opportunity to move through suffering into joy.

Spiritual care honors the fact that we are conscious beings, choosing how to live. My approach to spiritual care respects your innate wisdom and power to heal, so that you can express your unique gifts in a world that needs them.

What we believe matters, because our innermost attitudes and assumptions are evident in all that we do. Can you see this truth playing out in your own life? You have the power make changes that can help you live more freely. Can you imagine living a life in which you are increasingly grounded in your own insight and wisdom?

My intention is to help clients gain relief from suffering and to experience more joy and fulfillment in their lives by nurturing their personal growth. I help clients identify their spiritual needs and goals for personal growth through an ongoing process of dialogue and discernment. I’m here to make sure you are supported through life’s hardest moments. I have extensive experience in accompanying individuals facing critical and chronic illness, addiction, grief and loss, and various forms of change and transition. My commitment is to provide you with an accepting and nurturing environment where you can explore your inner world, address your needs from the inside-out, and realize your own path of personal growth and transformation.

My goal as a spiritual caregiver is to help you address the root causes of symptoms like despair, strengthen your capacity for self-trust, and learn concrete skills required for self-care and self-integration. Our sessions will provide you with a variety of supportive elements, based on your needs. Supportive elements can include breath work, yoga postures, meditation, emotional support, and ongoing dialogue about your wellbeing. I enjoy working with clients from a variety of spiritual backgrounds and beliefs.


Kate's Story

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What is Awareness Arts Collective?

Awareness -

wake up to your own sacredness, freedom, and responsibility to the good of all

Arts -

hone your natural gifts to create a beautiful way of life

Collective -

honor the reality of interconnection and reclaim life-giving ways of being together on this planet

The Awareness Arts Collective exists to alleviate suffering, support healing, and nurture personal growth through individual and collective acts of soulful exploration and expression.

This website is intended to connect you with Kate's spiritual care offerings and to gather community for the purpose of sharing spiritual reflection, inspiration, and expression. Click here for community-based events.

The Awareness Arts Collective cannot exist without you. Let’s connect, and see what’s possible!

To learn more about my approach to spirituality and spiritual care, please visit my Signs of Life blog.

Still have questions? Click here to review a Spiritual Care Q&A. You're also welcome to email or contact me at 423-939-9585 for more information.

I would be honored to support and celebrate the potential that you uniquely embody.

Kate’s rich and varied life experiences have shaped her approach to offering spiritual care to people from many walks of life,

who face many different challenges. She began asking “Why?” at a young age. This question led her to Earlham College to study world religions, then to Princeton Theological Seminary to earn a Master’s of Divinity. During seminary, Kate deepened her exploration of cultural and historical aspects of theology, the link between human belief and behavior, and interfaith dialogue.

Her deep concern is to attend to how our personal beliefs co-create the world we share, and to strengthen the ability to act compassionately toward ourselves and others.

Her commitment to the care of people and land has guided her path as a spiritual caregiver. Kate has served as a hospital and hospice chaplain since 2017, earned her Rule 31 Mediation Certification in 2012, and has served as an advocate with individuals and families suffering from addiction for more than a decade. She has continued her study of spiritual philosophy by earning her 200-Hour

Yoga Teacher Certification in 2020, and completing her Reiki II Certification in 2021. She is participating in the Trauma Center’s Trauma Sensitive Yoga 2023-2024 cohort for her 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification. Through her studies and life experiences, Kate has come to see how spirituality, human wellbeing, and healthy ecologies are intimately linked. She has volunteered with various farms and gardens around the world, earned a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014, and served as board member and president for a local Farmer’s Market.

In leisurely moments, Kate enjoys wandering forests, climbing rocks, reading copiously, playing with words, and strumming her banjo. She is immensely grateful for her many loved ones who have nurtured and guided her own spiritual evolution. Kate knows that healing happens in community, and she would be honored to accompany you on your spiritual path. Her great hope is that you can learn to practice care and compassion for yourself, so that you can live joyfully and express your unique gifts in a world that needs them.




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Meet Kate
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